We build therapeutic communities by creating a village of refuge for children and youth traumatized by conflict – war orphans, former child soldiers, and members of displaced families. Within the residential center, participants engage in a comprehensive array of activities designed to promote healing.  

  • Counseling – Participants meet regularly with a culturally competent counselor who is able to facilitate emotional and spiritual recovery.
  • Remedial education – Participants, whose everyday life, including schooling, was interrupted by the intrusion of violence, take part in basic educational classes aligned with government-mandated curricula.
  • Life-skills training – Participants, having suffered the loss of parents, relatives, teachers, or mentors in the war, receive guidance in acquiring skills needed to navigate life – including relationship-building, problem-solving, parenting, and saving money.
  • Vocational training – Participants choose from several class options that teach marketable skills that can provide a livelihood once youth graduate and return to their home communities.

We seek to provide sustainable solutions to community needs, complementing our focused, long-term work with individuals. In areas recovering from war, the wounds run deep. Problems include weakened or non-existent educational systems, lack of health care, lack of sanitation and clean water, and reduced work opportunities. We strive to empower devastated communities to overcome these debilitating challenges and rise above their current situations.

  • Education – We support local schools by refurbishing or building facilities and providing meals for students.
  • Health care – We establish clinics (or support existing ones) and provide medical supplies to targeted communities.
  • Water and sanitation – We assist the target communities to develop sustainable, safe water sources and sanitation systems and practices to break the cycles of disease and contamination.
  • Income-generating projects – We guide and support groups of community members in developing and marketing a product, establishing habits of saving, and creating sustainable income.
  • Revitalization of the local economy – Whenever possible, the skilled and unskilled labor force is hired from the target communities. Building supplies, agricultural supplies, and other commodities are purchases locally.