Q: Can I donate physical items to ChildVoice instead of purchasing from the gift catalog?

A: No, we cannot accept physical items as donations. The items we’ve chosen will be purchased in Uganda, which allows us to support the local economy while buying products that are specifically appropriate for our students.


Q: Will I receive anything in the mail? 

A: You won’t receive any acknowledgement of your gift catalog purchase in the mail, but you will receive an email confirmation. When you choose a catalog gift, you also have the option of downloading a printable greeting card that can be personalized, if you’d like to give your purchase as a gift. No running around from store to store, and one size fits all!


Q: Where can I purchase ChildVoice apparel, books, or jewelry?

A: We have wonderful ChildVoice items for your additional gift-giving needs. Click here to shop now!



Still have questions? Email emily.wallin@childvoice.org