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Develop a deeper understanding of the impact of war on children. Apply your valuable skills and knowledge where they are most needed. Accept the challenges of an adventure that’s not about you, but about putting your interests and passions to work for the benefit of others.

We offer internships for those that are in college, post-graduate, and mid-career. To best accommodate your needs, your intern experience can be customized based on your length of availability, course of study, and other interests. Internships are available at our Lukome Center in northern Uganda or at our U.S. office in Newmarket, New Hampshire. Currently, we have a pressing need for interns in the areas of agriculture, early-childhood development, and auto mechanics.

Internships are approved through an application and interview process. Internships may qualify for college credit, and we can work with your institute of higher learning to help arrange for you to earn course credit.

Types of internships


These types of internships are developed out of personal interest or course of study and presented to ChildVoice for review before being accepted.

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These types of internships are designed by ChildVoice to meet a specific need of the organization. Applicants will be considered based on experience and qualifications.


“I just returned from a summer internship with ChildVoice. Rather than be a part of a large, established NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), I really wanted to volunteer my time doing art therapy with a smaller grass-roots organization that deeply cared for the surrounding community and specifically worked with formerly abducted individuals. ChildVoice fit that bill perfectly, and I can honestly say after 11 weeks of … visiting many different organizations and networks, that they are truly a unique operation.”  -Taylor Vander Well, Iowa 


“I’m happy to be home, but I’m also craving the environment and community that I left behind in Lukodi. I miss those sweet girls. I miss their adorable children. And I miss the wonderful staff. I built relationships these past 6 weeks that will always have a special place in my heart, I only wish they weren’t left half-way across the world.” -Krista Tippin, Nebraska

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Once you’re ready to get started, simply fill out the forms below to be considered for an internship. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact our Team and Intern Coordinator at