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Help us give war-affected girls the opportunity for a brighter future.

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1) Install the App

Download the RoundUp App for iPhone or Android or use the Web Version, all completely free.

2) Create Your Account

Enter your name and email address, and choose ChildVoice as the organization you want to support.

3) Link Your Credit or Debit Card

Create a secure, read-only link with your card. Your data is safe: we use the exact same API as Venmo and Acorns.

A Word on Security

The RoundUp App can never see your full credit card number. The card number is sent directly to Stripe, our payment processor. Stripe also does processing for Facebook, Amazon, and 100,000 other organizations in the US.

Prefer to use your computer? Sign up on the Web Version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there good security in place to protect my credit cards?

Yes! The RoundUp App never has access to your credit card number, and neither does ChildVoice. It uses the same payment processor as Facebook, Amazon, Habitat for Humanity and hundreds of other major companies. It also is protected by the latest encryption technology. 

What smartphones will the app work with?

The RoundUp App is compatible with iPhone and Android, or you can use a web version--all for free.

Can I limit the amount I spend per month?

Yes! During the setup process you can place a cap on your monthly giving.

How will I be notified of my donation amount?

You can track the amount of your giving through the RoundUp App. Also, ChildVoice will send you an end-of-year receipt for the total amount of your giving.

More FAQ

Questions? Email emily.wallin@childvoice.org or call our US Office (603) 842-0132