Join ChildVoice in Celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child

In 2011, the UN declared October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child to recognize girls’ rights and to highlight the challenges that girls face around the world.

At ChildVoice, we have worked for the last 10 years to provide educational opportunities for war-affected girls.

We know all too well that violence and discrimination are a fact of life for millions of girls across the globe and even more so in war-torn communities.

But we also know that when you invest in a girl’s education, there are vast social and economic benefits. Girls who are educated are less likely to become victims of violence and they are also less likely to become child brides and child mothers. Educated girls contribute to their country’s economic growth. The impacts are multi-generational, too. Women typically reinvest 90% or more of their income into their families.

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