ChildVoice Staff, Students and Graduates address Ugandan Parliament

ChildVoice’s lead counselor, Winnie Acayo and five of our Lukome Center girls (three current students and two successful graduates) met this week with the Parliament of Uganda. At the event, sponsored by Invisible Children, these young women and others offered encouragement based on their own real-life experiences to those who have been abducted. These messages will be compiled by Invisible  Children and broadcast to Kony and those Lord’s Resistance Army members remaining in the bush. This week, five ChildVoice girls sent a message of hope to current child soldiers and others abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army. 

These ChildVoice students – Christine, Vicky, Beatrice, Nighty and Sarah — have endured unspeakable acts of brutality, but have overcome the impact from their years in the bush. We have witnessed firsthand the strength of these young women as they work to rebuild their lives and the lives of their children. Their resiliency and optimism are inspiring.

Christine, who appeared before Parliament, in her home at the Lukome Center

Christine, who appeared before Parliament, in her home at the Lukome Center

Since 2007, ChildVoice’s Lukome Center has offered the most vulnerable adolescent girls and children traumatized by conflict the opportunity to rebuild their lives. For those still living in the bush, we offer a message of hope and encouragement through the success stories of these girls.

We continue to welcome those who return from capture by providing assistance with their recovery and reintegration with their families and communities.

Learn more about how you can help the victims of Kony’s war. Or email Conrad Mandsager or Jocelyn O’Quinn for an interview or for more information on how you or your organization can help restore the voices of children silenced by war.