Uganda | Imvepi Refugee Settlement

Benard Hire

Benard Hire - Project Manager.jpg

Benard brings years of experience working within refugee settlements to his position as ChildVoice’s Project Manager at Imvepi Settlement in northern Uganda. While working with other NGOs in similar settings, Benard focused on the Child Protection and Livelihood & Agriculture sectors. He is a child-protection and women’s-rights activist whose heart is for creating positive change within refugee communities by helping people gain access to resources, encouraging education, and guiding them toward self-sustainable lives. Benard’s wife has a similar position with another NGO in Uganda serving refugees. They are the proud parents of two “strong young boys.”

Akello Immaculate - Case Worker.jpg

Akello Immaculate
Case Worker

Akusaru Annet - Office Assistant.jpg

Akusaru Annet
Office Assistant 

Aliga Avuni Rogers - Case Worker.jpg

Aliga Avuni Rogers
Case Worker

Anikuru Patricia Liberty - Case Worker.jpg

Anikuru Patricia Liberty
Case Worker

Candiru Beatrice - Child Protection Officer.jpg

Candiru Beatrice
Child Protection Officer

Chandiru Dorine - Counselor.jpg

Chandiru Dorine

Koba Nelson
Case Worker

Mugaba Judith - Case Worker.jpg

Mugaba Judith
Case Worker

Mwebaze Crescent - Child Protection Officer.jpg

Mwebaze Crescent
Case Worker

Nassolo Phionah Winnifred - Accounts Assistant.jpg

Nassolo Phionah Winnifred
Accounts Assistant

Oloya Vincent - Driver.jpg

Oloya Vincent

Orikiriza Narice - Driver.jpg

Orikiriza Narice

Rachiu Diana Cingtho
Case Worker

Ssentongo Danson
Data Clerk

Tibiwa Agnes Persis
Case Worker

Not Pictured:

Innocent Alex Mundele | Counselor

Aijuka Andrew | Child Protection Officer