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Conrad Mandsager

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A lifetime of designing programs for at-risk populations led Conrad to the war-devastated region of northern Uganda in 2006. When challenged by the trauma and reintegration problems that former child soldiers and other abductees were experiencing upon their return home, Conrad developed the concept of ChildVoice, a place of healing and restoration for those left behind.

As ChildVoice’s CEO and President, Conrad’s work today focuses on strengthening programs at the Lukome Center and in the refugee settlements of northern Uganda while opening up new programs in Nigeria and other conflict regions around the world.

An avid cyclist, Conrad has ridden nine times across the state of Iowa -- more than 4,500 miles -- to promote ChildVoice and its work with war-affected children. When not working or riding, Conrad and his wife, Kathy, raise Highland cattle and quarter horses on their farm in New Hampshire.

Kristin Barlow

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Kristin is the Director of Programs at ChildVoice. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, she worked at the Lukome Center in Uganda for four years. There she specialized in the areas of health and nutrition education, as well as establishing income-generating projects within the local community. While working alongside her colleagues and community in Uganda, her passion for social justice and humanitarian development grew as she saw the transformation of lives firsthand. She continues to travel to East Africa with ChildVoice, working with children whose lives have been shattered by war.

Bob Barber

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Bob has more than 30 years of senior management experience in international business operations and finance and has lived abroad and traveled extensively.  In his role as Director of Operations, he strives to create self-sustainable operations which minimize dependence on U.S. support and empower the indigenous work force. Bob has managed businesses in the U.S., Europe, and the Pacific Rim, has an MBA, and was once a CPA. When Bob is not working or engaged in activities surrounding his 11 grandchildren, he tries to get a fishing pole in his hands or a kayak on the water or both. 


Petek Altuğ
Programs Consultant

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Krista Brown
Donor Relations Coordinator


Cat Hoffman
Database Coordinator

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Paul Hoogeveen
Communications and Marketing Coordinator

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Myron Poon
Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator

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Haley Westerkamp
Team and Intern Coordinator

Photos courtesy of Photography by Carin and Susan Medeiros.