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Richard Kyitarinyeba


Currently serving as the Uganda’s Head of Office, Richard has been working for ChildVoice since its founding in 2006. Prior to joining ChildVoice, Richard worked for the Baptist Mission of Uganda and in the field of tourism. He also brings to ChildVoice many years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. With his unique and diverse background and personal commitment to war-affected children, Richard has been an integral part of ChildVoice’s success. When he’s not at work, Richard enjoys spending time with his wife and their four children.

Martha Achieng


Martha serves as the Lukome Center’s Administrator and Finance Resource Assistant, supervising office activities and managing financial transactions and reports. Martha values the relationships she has built with both the local and U.S. teams and enjoys the opportunity she has to learn new things in her job and helping to support her family. Martha says one of her favorite things about working at the Lukome Center is seeing the positive impact made in the lives of the students.

Rita Aol


Rita currently serves as the Lukome Center’s Project Officer. After several months serving as a volunteer, she began working fulltime with ChildVoice in 2016 as a spiritual leader and counselor. Rita has a diverse background in trauma counseling, development studies, and working with refugees and relief agencies. Rita is from northern Uganda and says she has a heart to help her people.

Gulu Office

Aleng RoseMary - Receptionist.jpg

Aleng RoseMary


Aol Lois
Relations & Human Resource

Odong Francis - Cleaner.jpg

Odong Francis

Oyella Beatrice
Office Assistant

Winnifred Opwonya - Post Res Counselor.jpg

Winnifred Opwonya
Post Residential Counselor


Lukome Center

Aber Gladys - Farm Assistant.jpg

Aber Gladys
Farm Assistant

Adong Daina Ojara - Nurse.jpg

Adong Diana Ojara

Akello Janet

Akot Sunday - Cook.jpg

Akot Sunday

Akwero Ida - Nursery Teacher.jpg

Akwero Ida
Nursery Teacher

Akwero Monica - Sweater Knitting Instructor.jpg

Akwero Monica
Sweater Knitting Instructor


Auma Esther
Counselor & Translator


Ojara William
Farm Assistant

Ayella Emmanuel - Farm Assistant.jpg

Ayella Emmanuel
Farm Assistant

Innocent Moses - Farm Assistant.jpg

Innocent Moses
Farm Assistant

Kinyera James

Komakech Geoffrey
Farm Assistant

Lakot Esther
Hair Salon Instructor

Layado Cecilia - Head of Cluster.jpg

Layado Cecilia
Head of Cluster

Mirembe Stephen
Biosecurity Controller & Farm Assistant


Oryem Collins


Piloya Tracy
Catering & Bakery Instructor

Okumu Jacob

Not Pictured:

Akumu Brenda | Daycare Attendant

Auma Stella | Counselor

Bismata Jacob | Driver & Mechanic Instructor 

Katushabe Immaculate | Agronomist 

Kezaala Eric Damba | Farm Coordinator

Lalam Eunice | Daycare Attendant

Namuyaba Cathy | Nurse 

Niwamanya Derick Donald | Farm Assistant 

Oyet Michael | Post Residential Field Officer

Onen Denis | Driver & Instructor

Okot Simon | Renovations